Saturday, January 24, 2015

Come see Keynote Speaker, Greg Kulowiec at #DLDMedfield Conference!

We are so pleased to announce the addition of a keynote speaker to this year's Digital Learning Day! Greg Kulowiec of EdTechTeacher
will be giving his insightful iPad Summit presentation entitled Plato, Papers, and iPads .

Greg's keynote "Plato, Paper and iPads" will help to explore the idea of "Are we losing anything when we go digital?"  He will share the ideal iPad Backpack that blends a digital and analog (more traditional) approach to notetaking.  For example, you can use your iPad to organize digital content AND use a paper notebook to capture ideas and sketch notes (even taking pics and dropping them into Google Drive or Evernote).   Greg will help to answer the question of how can you keep your classroom hybrid? How can you merge online and offline work? How do you find tools that are flexible and thoughtful without letting those tools drive your work?

Greg Kulowiec is a nationally recognized instructor, presenter and author, Greg is an award-winning teacher, has been an early adopter of mobile devices in the classroom, and coined the phrase "App Smashing."

Greg will also lead four other sessions throughout the day:

Session 1: Follow-up the Keynote: Integrating Paper with iPads
This follow-up, hands on & discussion session is open to anyone who would like to attend and discuss the ideas explored in the keynote in more practical, hands on detail & examples.  However, having an iPad is recommended.  Apps that we will likely discuss and use include, but are not limited to: Evernote, Google Drive, DocScan, Scannable, Paper by 53, Post-it Plus by 3M.

Session 2: 6th Grade 1:1 iPad Discussion Panel
Many districts are developing 1:1 mobile device programs at the Middle School level. This year, Blake MS has expanded their 1:1 iPad program to every student from the 8th grade to include 6th & 7th! That means over 400 students are using iPads to learn! Wellesley MS is also starting a 1:1 iPad model at their 6th grade with the hopes to push it out to the entire middle school in the following years.

Why not invite our colleagues from Wellesley Middle School to join us in a discussion of how the 1:1 rollout, classroom implementation, challenges & benefits, and tips & tricks they're learning along the way.
Come join in the discussion between:
Blake 6th Grade Teachers and a few Blake 6th graders: Marjorie Heim, Keri Sperling, Mike Gow, and Kathleen Caprio) and Wellesley 6th & 7th Grade Teachers and Principal, Mark Ito.

This discussion panel will be facilitated by Greg Kulowiec, EdTechTeacher.

Session 4: Google Classroom App for Mobile Devices
Whether you are teaching in an iPad, Chromebook or BYOD environment, Google Classroom is a viable option to handle both Google Apps and non-Google workflow.  Today, the Google Classroom IOS (and Android) app popped up in the respective app stores.  This session will take you on a walk-through of the sparkly, new Google Classroom App!

Session 5: Advanced Video Workshop
Student created video for the classroom is a powerful tool to have students express and demonstrate their understanding of complex topics.  However, the video creation process can move beyond simple point and shoot to become a dynamic & collaborative process.  The workshop will focus on various approaches to video creation on an iPad along with the "next steps" to video creation that include collaboration & publishing.  From linked Choose Your Own Adventure creations to dynamic "app-smashing" video, participants will leave with a number of approaches and concepts to expand their use of video creation in the classroom.

This workshop is best suited for participants who are already comfortable with the concept of video creation in their classroom and have a solid understanding of iMovie, Explain Everything and Google Drive.  Participants who attend the workshop should bring the following:iPad with the following apps installed iMovie & Google Drive, and various video creation apps of their choice that can all export to the camera roll.

Greg Kulowiec's website: The HIstory 2.0 Classroom


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