Session 4 12:30-1:15

**Note: The Presentations are still being updated.

Session 4 or Take Lunch 12:30-1:15
Let’s Get Wrapping
Using Photoshop we will wrap an image such as a flag around your face or your hand without losing the contour or texture of your skin. Check out this Example! *Please have a digital image of your hand or head in Google Drive Level:  6-12 Beginner-Intermediate; This Session takes place in a Lab w/PhotoShop Software

Brian Irr
Meg Drew
Chris Faust
Rm 006
Paddling through Padlet
Make your bulletin boards interactive by using Padlet on your computer and iPads.  Padlet creates multiple virtual post-it notes for you or your students to post pictures, videos, text and links for all to view.  With its many features, the classroom bulletin board can be re-envisioned as a powerful learning tool.  Join us as we paddle our way through the many possibilities for Padlet in the elementary classroom! . Level: Elementary Beginner; Computer or  iPad

Emily Callahan
Deb Newton
Beth Robertson
Rm 202

Subtext: Reading Paperless and more
Subtext is an app, much like iBooks, that allows one to read books on an iPad. This app gives teachers and students the ability to not only read a book, but to also take notes, ask/answer questions, and define unknown terms. This presentation will show you how to begin using Subtext in your classroom. Level: 4-12

Erin Winter
Sara Donovan
Blake Eng
Rm 203
Meet the New Blakers, Dash & Dot
A CSA approved grant is bringing 10 sets of Dash and Dot robots to the 8th Grade Science dept. They’ll be an integral part in redesigning units to include coding and robotics. This session will give you time to explore and play!  Level: K-12 Beginner; iPad

Jason Heim
Blake Science
Rm 114

InstaGram = InstaFun
Curious about what the kids are up to these days? Wanting to learn a new way to incorporate social media into your classroom? (Facebook was so 2014!)  Come spend 45 quick minutes of your time learning about Instagram and the endless possibilities it can have for enhancing your classroom discussions.  We will cover everything from downloading the app, signing up for an account, to learning how to "follow" Instagram users.  (We will even show you how to follow your favorite celebs! Uzo Aduba loves the 'gram!) So grab your phone or your iPad and join us for a fun-filled session full of photos, and creativity.  You're kids will be so impressed! Level: All! iphone or iPad with Instagram App

Kathryn Dykas
Amanda Grillo
MHS Guidance
Rm 207

Aspen for Beginners
Do you feel frustrated or overwhelmed when you are trying to use aspen? Are you still struggling to get aspen to work the way you want? Come to a Q&A session about Aspen for beginners and learn how to better navigate aspen and use it for what you need. Level: 9-12; Computer

Lacey Glajch
MHS Science
Rm 118
Kahooting for Learning
Learn to use Kahoot as a formative assessment tool.  From kindergarten to 12th grade, you will find a good use for Kahoot!  You will be introduced to Kahoot, how to make a Kahoot and how to use Kahoot as a formative assessment tool in the classroom.  You will also have time to develop your own Kahoot to use with your students! Level:  K-12 Beginner; iPad

Marissa Gumas
Brian Gavaghan
Blake 7th
Rm 118
What? You're Not On Twitter?
Twitter has become a terrific resource for educators.  Come and learn the benefits of this social media tool and create your own Professional Learning Network (PLN).  We'll sign you up for an account and get you off and running. Level:  K-12 Beginners; iPads or Computers
Robert Parga
MHS Principal

Randie Groden
Library Media Specialist
Rm 116
Google Classroom App for Mobile Devices
Whether you are teaching in an iPad, Chromebook or BYOD environment, Google Classroom is a viable option to handle both Google Apps and non-Google workflow.  Today, the Google Classroom IOS (and Android) app popped up in the respective app stores.  This session will take you on a walk-through of the sparkly, new Google Classroom App!  Level: 4-12 iPads

Greg Kulowiec
Rm 206

TedTalks Club
We have started the baby steps of creating Ted Talks with students using Ted's prescribed frameworks. The kids are in the process of coming up with ideas and how best to present them. Seth and I will  show you some of our favorite Talks and walk you through the same steps, hoping to create your own Ted Talk in 40 minutes. Bring your ideas and your iPad. Level:  K-12

Tracy Allen
8th Guidance

Seth Hellerstein
8th Eng
Rm 120


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