Session 5 1:25- 2:25

**Note: The Presentations are still being updated.

Session 5 1:25- 2:25
Engage with Explain Everything
Learn the basics of using Explain Everything within an elementary classroom.  Level: K-5 Only; iPad w/the Explain Everything app. Note: The Explain Everything app will be provided for Medfield participants.

Ann Marie Bars
Marissa Pastore

Dale St. 4th Grade
Rm 207
Soon Your Athletes will All Have iPads; Let's Coach Them up using Technology
Discover and share ideas on how to enhance your season using hudl and Google apps. Part of this presentation will be a demonstration of how the football team used technology in ways that could benefit any program. Time permitting, the session will be an opportunity for all coaches to share other best practices that could be applied to any sport in the district. Level: K-12; Computer

Erik Ormberg

Brian Gavaghan

3D Images Without Any Drawing Skills
Using Illustrator we will create your own personal wine label. We will then create an image of a 3D wine bottle. We will then place your own personal label on it. Level: K-12 This Session will take place in a Lab with the Illustrator Software.

Brian Irr
Chris Faust

Rm 006

Lights! Camera! Action!
Storyboard, sculpt characters, photograph, and narrate stories using Stop Motion and IMovie Apps.  Level: K-12 Beginner; iPad with the Free Version of the Stop Motion App and iMovie. Note: iMovie will be made available for Medfield participants.

Christina Delaney
Kate Jones

Blake Art
Rm 203

A Tale of Two Notes: Notability vs. Evernote
Note taking in the classroom. This class will introduce both Evernote, and Notability. This class will demonstrate what both apps have to offer and how I use them in the classroom. Level: 4-12 Beginner; iPad with Notability and Evernote apps installed  Note: Notability will be made available for all participants.

Cynthia McClelland
Blake Social Studies
Rm 202

Take a Look, It's in a Book!  Created by You!
Everyone has a story to tell.  What's yours?  Tell a story by adding original images, authentic voice, text and video.  Come prepared to create and publish your first Book Creator book. Level: K-12; iPads with the Book Creator App (free version).

Debby Fromen

Rm 113
Coders are Tomorrow’s Rock Starz!
The Hour of Code got us fired up! Now what??...How can you go beyond the Hour of Code and integrate it into your classroom? 8th Math Teachers have discovered the power of the Hopscotch iPad app!  We’ll teach you the basics of graphical coding and simple project ideas to try out with your students!  Level:  K-12 Beginner; iPad

Diane Horvath

Brenda Perachi
8th Math
Rm 115

Advanced Video Workshop
Student created video for the classroom is a powerful tool to have students express and demonstrate their understanding of complex topics.  However, the video creation process can move beyond simple point and shoot to become a dynamic & collaborative process.  The workshop will focus on various approaches to video creation on an iPad along with the "next steps" to video creation that include collaboration & publishing.  From linked Choose Your Own Adventure creations to dynamic "app-smashing" video, participants will leave with a number of approaches and concepts to expand their use of video creation in the classroom.

This workshop is best suited for participants who are already comfortable with the concept of video creation in their classroom and have a solid understanding of iMovie, Explain Everything and Google Drive.  Participants who attend the workshop should bring the following:iPad with the following apps installed iMovie & Google Drive, and various video creation apps of their choice that can all export to the camera roll.Level:  K-12 Intermediate- Adv;  Note: iMovie and Explain Everything will be provided to Medfield participants.

Greg Kulowiec

Rm 120

Never grade multiple choice again! Use Google Forms and Flubaroo to make grading easy. Ever graded a stack of multiple choice, matching, or true/false questions and thought there must be an easier way?  Well, there is.  In this session, you will learn how to save time by (1) using Google Forms to create assessments (2) administering assessments using iPads (3) grading the results in a matter of seconds using Flubaroo, a Google Sheets add-on.   Level:  6-12 Intermediate-Adv w/ knowledge of Google Forms;  This Session will take place in a lab w/desktops or bring your own laptop.

Greg Keohan
Blake Social Studies
Rm 007
Managing the Flow of Student Work with Doctopus and Goobric Make Google Drive work for you! With two simple Add-ons you can better manage the flow of student work with Doctopus.  We will also learn how to use Goobric to leave feedback for students.  Using Google Classroom? Doctopus can be incorporated into Google Classroom!  Come learn how to use these two great Add-ons and leave ready to manage your first assignment. Level:  K-12 Intermediate-Adv;   This Session will take place in a lab w/desktops or bring your own laptop.

Kerry Lynch

MHS Math

Rm 008
Learning to Excel without Excel; Getting the most out of Google Spreadsheets Afraid of Spreadsheets? Well, don't be. Not quite sure how Google spreadsheets can help collaboration in your classroom? We'll show you that. In this session you will learn spreadsheet basics and learn how to write simple formulas, create easy charts and learn the difference between a cloud based (Google) spreadsheet and a typical spreadsheet (Excel). No prior spreadsheet experience is required. Level K-12: This Session will take in a lab w/desktops or bring your laptop!

Neal Sonnenberg

Rm 119
Giving Students Voice and Choice - 21st Century Style!
Ever wonder how giving students choice can be empowering and even fun? In this session we will share our journey to create an inquiry-based research project focused on student choice and interest (i.e.,Genius Hour). Students used tools (Padlet, PebbleGo Data Base, books, notetaking) to find answers to their questions and chose how to share out what they learned by using a variety of technology (ChatterPix, Explain Everything,ToonTastic). Come see how this project can bring 21st century learning straight into your classroom.
Level: K-5 Beginner: iPad

Randie Groden
Library Media Specialist

Julie Colantoni
First Grade

Rm 116
Read all APP'bout it!
Help struggling readers access the curriculum through a variety of apps and web-based programs with text-to-speech capabilities.  Best suited for teachers in grades 4-12-all content areas. Level K-12

Cori Jaccomme
Blake Sped Team Coordinator

Susan Bycoff
Math Dept Leader
Rm 206


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