Session 3 11:45- 12:30

**Schedule to either attend a session or to eat Lunch during this session

Session 3 11:45- 12:30  OR TAKE LUNCH
Open Your Gradebook- Don’t Let it Be a Pain in your Aspen
Many teachers are scared to use the open gradebook function on Aspen.  We want to help alleviate your fears and discuss the success and feedback we have received from parents and students. Level: 9-12 only Beginner

Bethan Sancher
Madeline Chamberlain
Rm 115
A Sampling of Apps for the Primary Grades
We will be sharing our successes and struggles with the use of some of the most popular apps available for the primary grades. Whether it's Popplet, Padlet, or Draw and Tell, we will highlight each app and discuss uses for your classroom. There will also be an opportunity to "play"with the apps and explore! Level: Elementary Beginner; iPad

Cynthia Appleyard
Stacy Balardini

Laura Singer

Rm 202
Open Round Table: Technology Vision
Join Dr. Marsden and other local Superintendents, Administrators and Technology Directors in an open discussion as they share their technology vision and successes and challenges.  Participants: Sara Ahern Assistant Superintendent, Holliston Public Schools, Steve Ouellette Director of Technology, Westwood Public Schools and Leo Brehm Director of Information Technology and Library Media, Newton Public Schools Level: All
Dr. Marsden

Facilitated by
Nat Vaughn,
Blake Principal
Rm 125
Get Kahoot!
Who can get the highest score? The questions and music in this game show technology will keep you at the edge of your seat.  Come learn how to transform your classroom into a two minute game show complete with formative data on each student.  Each student can respond by using ANY wireless device.  Both laptops and iPads are acceptable, but it is easier to create on a laptop. Level: All Beginners; iPad or Laptop

Eileen Hurley
Marjorie Heim
Keri Sperling
Blake 6th Grade
Rm 203
Drive Through Your Workflow: Using Drive + Notability to Complete Paperless Assignments
'Brake' up with the copier.  We'll show you how to make and use a class resource folder to push digital resources to students.  Then, we will  show you how students can use their iPads to grab assignments from your resource folders, complete them in Notability, and "turn in" the assignment using Drive. Level: All Beginners (best for 1:1 classrooms) iPads
Kathleen Caprio
Laura Bradley
Elise Malone

Blake 6th Eng
Blake Reading Specialist
Rm 207
Breathe and “Center” You: Using iPads for Centers Success
During this session, discover a variety of free apps to use during your ELA and math center times.  Less paper, more student independence! Level Elementary Beginners; iPads

Kayla Laliberte
Sarah Murphy
3rd Grade
Rm 206
Let Your Fingers Do the Walking: News and Events Happening Around the World
What is really going on in the world? Are we hearing biased accounts of events happening in the world around us? How differently is the news being reported in other countries? Learn about online primary sources great for world languages, social studies and any classes interested in current events. Level: K-12 Beginners (Good for World Lang Teachers); Bring a Laptop or iPad

Robin Panchuk
Ann Farrahar
Library Media Specialist
World Lang
Rm 006
Keep Calm & Bring the Technology On! SORRY,THIS SESSION IS CLOSED
If you're worried about how you're going to handle a new BYOD classroom, I'm here to help you! I'll give you concrete examples of how to get started and time to apply my knowledge & experiences to your own curriculum. Keep calm & bring the technology on! Level: HS only; iPad or Laptop

Tracy Tasi
MHS World Lang

Educreations Makes Learning New Languages Easy!
Learn how Educreations is used in my World Language Class to teach students new vocabulary and sentences as well as how to make a short video for the class. Level: All Beginners; iPad
Yiyu Liu
Blake World Lang
Rm 118
Organizing Your Digital Life with Google (Abbreviated Version of Session 2)
Now that you know how to use Google products, do you feel like you could be more organized with them? This session will focus on techniques to help you get organized in your digital life. This hands-on session will look at time-saving techniques in various Google products. Level:  K-12 Beginner; This session takes place in a Lab w/Desktops or bring a laptop.

Neal Sonnenberg
Technology Integration Specialist
Medfield HS
Rm 119


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