Session 2 10:40-11:40


Session 2 10:40-11:40
Digital Citizenship Buffet
Teachers across the district are piloting lesson plans for a new digital citizenship curriculum based off of the Common Sense Media Website. Presentations of those lessons will be shared, as well as the skills and concepts that we hope to have Medfield students experience as digital, 21st Century Learners.  Level:  K-12

Deb Trikoulis, Wheelock
Seth Hellerstein, Blake
Ann Marie Fratolillo  HS

Rm 113
Let’s Build an App- It’s as Easy as Building Blocks
With MIT’s Scratch Program, we will build a mobile app that can be downloaded to your Android phone.  Level:  K-12, Desktop/Laptop

Brian Irr
HS Technology
Rm 007

How to be more interesting than Madden Mobile
This presentation will focus on classroom management techniques and strategies in a 1:1 classroom, offering real world (and road tested) ways to deal with the temptation of the internet in class. Level: 6-12 Beginner; Any device

Colleen Lettieri
HS English

Rm 115
6th Grade 1:1 iPad Discussion Panel
Many districts are developing 1:1 mobile device programs at the Middle School level. This year, Blake MS has expanded their 1:1 iPad program to every student from the 8th grade to include 6th & 7th! That means over 400 students are using iPads to learn! Wellesley MS is also starting a 1:1 iPad model at their 6th grade with the hopes to push it out to the entire middle school in the following years.

Why not invite our colleagues from Wellesley Middle School to join us in a discussion of how the 1:1 rollout, classroom implementation, challenges & benefits, and tips & tricks they're learning along the way.

Come join in the discussion between:
Blake 6th Grade Teachers and a few Blake 6th graders: Marjorie Heim, Keri Sperling, Mike Gow, and Kathleen Caprio) and Wellesley 6th & 7th Grade Teachers and Principal, Mark Ito
This discussion panel will be facilitated by Greg Kulowiec, EdTechTeacher. Level: All

6th Team from
Blake MS,

6th Team from
Wellesley MS,
Greg Kulowiec

Rm 125
GarageBand: What’s Your Soundtrack?
Want to enhance your lessons or spice up your blog posts and podcasts with some cool rhythms 'n riffs? Tired of the same iMovie theme songs? Learn how to get students started in creating their own original music. Get rockin' with GarageBand, the band-in-a-hand! It's easier than you think! Level:  K-12 Beginner; iPad w/ GarageBand app installed. Participants should bring earbuds!

Eithne Stover
Music Teacher
Rm 202

iMovie + Apps Smashing
8th Grade Science/Math have launched to the next level! Thanks to Greg Kulowiec, who brought the idea of App Smashing (layering the use of 2, 3 or more apps) to create the unimaginable!  iMovie is a big component along with a number of other apps for special effects. This session will walk you through some ideas and how to start smashing in your classroom today! Level:K-12 Intermediate; iPad

Jason Heim
8th Science
Erin Kearney
8th Math

Rm 206
Getting the Most Out of your Class using Nearpod
Nearpod is a great online tool to be used in and out of class for a variety of reasons; presenting new material, assessing students formally and informally, homework assignments, etc. This presentation will give you an idea of what Nearpod is and provide some tips and tricks as to how it is best utilized. Level:  K-12 Beginner; This session takes place in a Lab w/Desktops available or bring a laptop AND iPad

Brendan Hughes
HS Math

Rm 117

Nearpod Website
What’s So Notable about Notability?
Come see what a science or math classroom workflow looks like when using Notability on the iPad. Discover the ease with which this amazing note-taking app can be used with your existing worksheets, notes, and labs. Not only that, but walk away with practical ways in which to use Notability within the science and math content areas, including digital notebooking, error analysis, and organizational feedback from teachers living the iPad transition. Level:  3-12;  iPad w/Notability app installed

Kelly Ruminski
6th Science
Connie Doolan
6th Math
Kristen Buley
6th Science
Rm 207
Organizing Your Digital Life with Google
Now that you know how to use Google products, do you feel like you could be more organized with them? This session will focus on techniques to help you get organized in your digital life. This hands-on session will look at time-saving techniques in various Google products such as: Chrome, GMail, Tasks, Calendar and Drive. Level:  K-12 Beginner; This session takes place in a Lab w/Desktops or bring a laptop.

Neal Sonnenberg
Technology Integration Specialist
Medfield HS
Rm 119
Teach Beyond the Whiteboard And Mobilize Your Learning with Google Classroom
Looking for a more organized way to assign, collect, and grade assignments? Google Classroom is your solution! We will provide the opportunity to see this process from both teacher and student perspective. You will leave this session with your own Google Classroom and an idea for how it can enhance your teaching. Level: 4-12 Beginner; This session takes place in a Lab w/Desktops or bring a laptop.

Shannon MacDonald
Kelly Bertshmann
Dale St. 5th Grade

Promoting Student Creativity & Collaboration using Google Slides
Are you relying on Power Point to drive your classroom instruction and student presentations? This workshop will allow you to experiment with Google Presentations to achieve the same result in a more creative and collaborative environment! Participants will learn how to convert their existing PP slide shows to Google Presentations, create/edit new shows, and design a project-based lesson where students can share their presentation with others.Level:  K-12 Beginner; This Session will take place in a Lab w/desktops or bring a laptop!
Instructional Technology Specialist
Dover-Sherborn Public Schools
Rm 008
Add On to your Google Expertise with Google Add-Ons
This workshop is geared towards beginner googlers in the 6-12 educational setting who are familiar with Google Drive but are ready to move on to more advanced utilities. In many Google applications, users are able to install Add-Ons that allow for a specific utility, such as searching easily for public domain clipart or inserting voice comments on a Google Doc. Participants in this workshop will learn how to search for, add, and manage Add-Ons in their Google Docs. A few productivity, organizational, and writing Add-On tools will be highlighted as you try them out during this workshop. Level:  K-12 Beginners; This Session will take place in a Lab w/desktops or bring a laptop!

Sam Bookston
Needham Public Schools
Rm 006
Ready to Roll- Using Spheros in the Elementary Classroom
Through a grant, the Lane Elementary School (Bedford, MA) was able to purchase 20 Sphero Robots. These robots are used as part of a computer programming curriculum at the school. Come join us to see how we are piloting these robots in our elementary classroom. Attendees will get a hands-on opportunity to play with the robots and see them in action. Level:  K-5;  iPad AND those interested Robotics & Coding

Matt Hall
Bedford Public Schools
Rm 118
Capture the Moment
It’s not about taking a picture it’s about what you do with that picture that makes this session exciting.  We will be exploring simple yet powerful ways to use the iPad camera as an app and “smashing” it  with other apps to create activities that will help your students think deeper, show their learning and increase their creativity.  “Take a shot” and walk away with a camera case full of great ways to enhance your instruction. Apps used: Popplet, Skitch, Aviary, Notability and Pic Collage. Level:  K-6;  iPad Beginner-Intermediate. Note: The Notability app will be provided to Medfield Educators.

Julie Lowerre
Dale St. 5th Grade

Rm 203


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