Session 1 9:30-10:30


Session 1 9:30-10:30
"Survey says.. "Google Forms and Formative Assessment
Google Forms is a creative way to survey students, conduct formative assessments, and collect data. Learn how to use this invaluable tool that will allow you to work more efficiently while gaining custom designed data on what your students are learning.  Level:  K-12 Beginner; This Session takes place in a Lab w/Desktops or bring a laptop.

Brian Gavaghan,
Blake 7th English Marissa Gumas Blake 7th Math
Rm 007

Apps for Organization: Keeping It All Together
If you have students who never seem to know what assignment is due, never seem to have their homework, constantly lose their notes, and seem surprised when they walk into your class on a test day, this may be the session for you. We will review various apps our students are using in the middle school to keep track of assignments and to stay organized. Apps include: Google Keep,Sticky, MyHomework, Real Sticky, Sunrise, Notability, Explain Everything, Evernote, and Google Drive. Level:  6-12 Beginner; iPad

Michael Heafitz
Shawn Carrigan
Maura Interrante;
Blake Learning Centers
Rm 202

Canva: Go Designer with your Images
This is Part 2 of last year's Bling Out your Blogger workshop—we’ll add a whole ‘professional’ bling element to it… because you’ll become your own instant Graphic Designer! The Canva App makes design simple for everyone. Learn how to create designs for Web or print: blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations and much more! Hands-on Workshop! Level: K-12 Beginner; iPad

Diane Horvath
Rm 114
Come Crack the Code
Do you know coding is being called the new literacy? Are you interested in doing more with STEM and STEAM in a fun and interactive way? In this very hands-on session, you will learn how to code using Scratch Jr. (if I can do it, you can do it!). You will learn how to teach your students how to program their own stories, solve problems, design projects and how to express themselves creatively using technology. NO CODING EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Level:  K-5 Beginner; iPad

Randie Groden
Library Media Specialist,
Memorial School
Rm 112
Follow-up the Keynote: Integrating Paper with iPads
This hands-on and discussion session is open to anyone who would like to attend and discuss the ideas explored in the keynote in more practical, hands on detail & examples.  However, having an iPad is recommended.  Apps that we will likely discuss and use include, but are not limited to: Evernote, Google Drive, DocScan, Scannable, Paper by 53, Post-it Plus by 3M Level:  K-12 Intermediate-Adv; iPad

Greg Kulowiec
Rm 116

Exploring the World & Beyond in a ONE iPad Classroom
Come and explore ideas to use in your one iPad (or handful of iPads) classroom! We will learn about Apple TV, Plickers, QR Codes, and more…Hands-on learning so that you feel comfortable using at least one new idea in your own classroom tomorrow! Level:  K-5 Beginner; iPad

Kerry Cowell
Dale St. 5th Grade
Rm 120
Getting Giddy with Google Sites
Google Sites are not just a great way to create a website for your class. They can offer a cloud-based arena to collaborate and file share with colleagues. They can even be a platform for students to develop their own digital portfolios-for easy viewing, reflection, and teacher-student collaboration. Come check out the world of Google Sites! Level:  6-12; This Session takes place in a Lab w/Desktops or bring a laptop.

Sean Bowles
Kristen Musto
Judy Silva
Blake 7th Science
Rm 006
Life’s a Skitch when you Popplet
Are you looking for powerful, yet EASY-to-use apps to enhance your instruction and meet the needs of a wide range of learners? Then join us and learn how to use Skitch and Popplet. Leave with some ideas of how you can try this in your own classroom! Level:  K-5;  iPad
Jim Kuehl
Nicole Sheehan
Erin Watson
Molly O'Sullivan
Wheelock 3rd Grade/Sped
Rm 115
Take the Wheel! It’s time to Google Drive!
Are you confused by the idea of file sharing? Do you spend most of your prep time at the copy machine? Google Drive is here to help! Let us guide you step-by-step through file storage process so you can keep yourself organized, save time and share coursework with your students and colleagues. Level:  K-12; Beginners- This Session takes place in a Lab w/Desktops or bring a laptop.

Leora Seri
Sarah Rodenhi
HS World Lang
Rm 119
Taking a Pulse: Using Technology for Formative Assessment
Don’t wait until you give the test to learn what your students don’t know. Unleash the power of technology to gather information about your students’ progress and learning needs; and use this information to make adjustments to your lessons and give students real-time feedback along the way. In this workshop, we will showcase how you can use a number of programs and apps, including Google Docs, Google Forms, Flubaroo, Google Classroom, Padlet, and more to provide you and your students with insight on how they are doing. Level:  K-12; This Session takes place in a Lab w/Desktops or bring a laptop AND iPad.

Katherine Ballou
Cynthia Blum
HS Science

Rm 117
Twitter?? Tweets are for Kids (and Adults…)!!
Like drinking coffee, Twitter is an acquired taste.  This session will focus on how teachers and professionals can use twitter to build a PLN and how students use it in today's world.  This is for all educators - 'social media addicts' and those with 'socialmediaphobia'.  Please have a Twitter Account already setup. Level:  K-12; Beginner

Nat Vaughn
Blake Principal
Jason Heim
Blake Science
Rm 203

iPad 101 to the Rescue!
Help! I still can’t figure this thing out! This session is taught by Burlington’s High School students designed for teachers who are new to the iPad or have sent out a SOS!. We will review the basics about your iPad and teach you tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your iPad (and how to impress your 3 year-old). Level:  K-12; Beginners iPad

Student Help Desk
Burlington High School
Rm 113

iMovie and Book Creator = SuperPower!
Take the power of iMovie and add to it the power of Book Creator and POW! you just put a SuperPower in the hands of your students! Come learn the basics of iMovie and how you can use those movies with Book Creator to create portfolios, ebooks, etc.  Level:  K-12; Beginners iPad. Note:  *The iMovie app will be provided to Medfield Teachers- ask for a code.

Brian Alierri
Jackie Hoglund
Wellesley Public Schools
Everyone is in Rm 207
Keep Those Worthy Projects!
This workshop is designed for educators who have created wonderfully interactive and hands-on projects in the past but have no desire to lose them to technology.  Our goal is to show you ways in which to keep those wonderfully creative projects while students use the iPad to extend and enhance, their learning.  This workshop is designed for folks who have experience using various apps on an iPad such as Explain Everything, iMovies, Prezi, etc...  Content teams are always welcome. Level:  K-12 Intermediate-Adv;  iPad and a bring a past project idea!

Mike Gow
Blake 6th SS

Matt Millard
Blake 6th Math


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