Saturday, January 16, 2016

2016: Shiny New Changes to Signing up for Sessions

Over the last few week's we have been working really hard to ensure that this year's Digital Learning Day is the best one ever!  We have taken many of your suggestions from last year into account and are planning a great day for you.  There are over 75 sessions scheduled of which about 50 are being taught by Medfield staff (and 25 by other districts). We love all of the great work we are doing in Medfield, and want to share and connect with other districts. It's exciting that each year, our colleagues from other districts want to participate and look forward to this day as much as we do!

This year, one of the biggest changes is the way that you will register for courses. We are using an online scheduling/conference planning tool called "Sched". 

Please follow the important instructions below:
  • You should receive an email from "Sched" in the next few days with an invitation to create your account.  I strongly recommend creating that account ASAP and using your school email address as your username.  If you are not able to log-in for some reason, please let Neal Sonnenberg know.  Once into your account you may want to edit your profile or connect some social media to your account.  Instructions to do that are here (ignore the 'Create an Account' sections and scroll down)

  • By Monday (1/18) we will have all the sessions scheduled with the corresponding times and descriptions.  Although you will not be able to sign-up for sessions until Wednesday (1/20) you may want to make note of some of the sessions you are interested in.

  • On Wednesday afternoon (1/20), we will open up registration. Note that you will not be able to register for sessions until you have created your Sched account. 
    • Unlike in prior years, you will have full control of your schedule; if you change your mind on what you want to attend simply unenroll from one session and enroll in another (up until around Feb 1st).  This document will show you how to navigate the Sched site and sign up for sessions once you have registered there.
    • You'll notice capacity limits are set up on sessions based on room size or instructor preference or available technology;   As a session starts to fill up you will see a message indicating that a session is 'filling' (indicating it is 75% full or more) or Full.  Once Full, you have the option of getting on a wait list or just choosing another session.
  • On Friday(1/22) we will open up registration to our outside guests attending, so please be sure to register for sessions prior to then.

If you have any questions about anything DLD related, please see Neal, Diane, Debby or KIM your DLD power team!


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