Wednesday, February 5, 2014

SignUps are Closed & Tips for the Day

Hi Medfield Educators,

The countdown is at 2 days! We're all excited and trying to make last minute preparations for a successful day.  I wanted to share a few tips that you can do to help out too.

First, if you have not signed up for sessions, the google form is officially closed. You will have to email Neal or Diane with your selections. Please be mindful in not choosing sessions that are already closed.

Second, if you plan on bringing a PC laptop, we'll need to adjust some settings in order for you to connect to our WIFI network. Either bring your laptop into school tomorrow and see your building's tech aide or plan on dropping it off with our help desk first thing on Friday to get you connected.

Third, some presenters will be emailing you information about their session pertaining to signing up for an account or installing specific apps. This will allow for more time exploring and learning about the topic rather than installing and getting signed in.

Fourth please know your school google login and apple username/pw. Write it down or type it in the notes app to make the day go smoother.

AND lastly, don't forget to fully charge your devices the night before and bring a charger with you!

Thanks! & Happy Snow Day!


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