Saturday, January 25, 2014

Medfield's DLD is Powered by Twitter

Medfield Educators,

These past two years, much of our professional development has introduced the idea of 'Building your own PLN' and discovering how Twitter can be a powerful tool that enables us to connect-build those relationships and to share information, ideas, resources and experiences!

One experience we would love to share with each other and beyond to our PLNs is our upcoming  Digital Learning Day conference-- a day filled with learning & sharing & more than 40+ workshops!

If you have a twitter account, please enter your twitter handle in the form below.  I will add it to the current list that continues to grow: MEDFIELD EDUCATORS ON TWITTER which helps us to follow each other. (*If you see your name and prefer not to be included on the list, please send me an email and I will remove it. No worries.)

Or Click here for the Survey

Second, we are using the hashtag #DLDMedfield  for any tweets that have to do with our Digital Learning Day-- that could mean before, on or after that day. You may try tweeting as you and your co-presenters work together to prepare for your workshop or if your students are preparing to showcase a project that day, etc.. On the day is a great time for you to basically tweet about your experience in workshops or interacting with each other.  After the day, feel free to tweet about any ideas or thoughts you had in applying what you learned!

There will be a running Twitter Feed of the hashtag #DLDMedfield on this blog as an easy way to check what's being tweeted --even for those who do not have a twitter account. See the tab at the top of the blog.

Any not hesitate to ask. Let's start Tweeting!


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